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powerActor 2000 allows seamless integration of MS Agent animated characters into MS PowerPoint 2000® slide shows.

Have you ever dreamed of amazing and captivating presentations ? This may be the answer for you ! In a few mouse clicks, you can build a self-hosted presentation starring these wonderful Agent characters !
powerActor 2000 is based on the style of theatre. There are actors, emotions (sad, happy,..), actions like moving or hiding, and a stage. You are the director of this theatre, creating amazing scenes, hiring, firing and directing your actors to finally create a hit ! Check Features to learn more.

"Yes, but do I need be Spielberg to manage this theatre ?" . No, definitely not. PowerActor 2000's intuitive and comprehensive user interface brings the power of a director to your fingertips. Check Screen shots to learn more.

Check Credits to learn who helped me design powerActor 2000 !

No need to run a quadri-Pentium III Xeon, nor Windows 2500 to enjoy powerActor 2000 ! Check Requirements to learn more.

powerActor 2000 is shareware. You can download your copy and some additional components from this site.

Only registered users will be able to create independent PowerPoint slide shows. Check Register to learn more.

Help me to make powerActor 2000 a 'must' in presentations ! Any feedback is greatly appreciated, but please check the FAQs and Known bugs before contacting me.
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