Screen shots
"The place where Agents meet PowerPoint 2000 ®"
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powerActor 2000 Startup screen This is what you'll see at powerActor 2000 startup. User Interface is locked until you hire an actor, but you can still read tips about using the software. (71 Ko)
powerActor 2000 Main screen Once your first actor is hired, you have access to full User Interface, specially Actors, Actions and Stage. Claude is at your command to create the most amazing PowerPoint 2000 presentation ever ! (22 Ko)
powerActor 2000 driving PowerPoint This is a full screen view of powerActor 2000 driving PowerPoint 2000. Note how easy it is to use top most palettes to perform action on your slide show ! (45 Ko)
powerActor 2000 Point shape tuning With powerActor 2000, each hired actor can point the shapes of your slides. But, to enhance communication and visual effects, this dialog box allows you to tune up the way actors point the shapes. (9 Ko)
powerActor 2000 Presentation checker This is the Check Presentation dialog. It verifies your presentation for missing shapes and slides, and ensures actors are not out of screen. A click on each line drives you directly to any error. (3 Ko)
powerActor 2000 Point shape selection Every shape on each slide can be 'pointed' by any hired Actor in 8 ways. This dialog allows the selection of a shape and the right point of view. (3 Ko)
powerActor 2000 Goto slide command Since powerActor 2000 supports full voice input, you can easily stop your interactive presentation to directly go to a given slide using voice commands. This dialog allows the selection of the given slide. (2 Ko)
powerActor 2000 Speak dialog This is the speak dialog box. It allows you to add a voice output from any hired Actor in your scenario. (5 Ko)