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Download section for powerActor 2000 :

powerActor 2000 files
  • powerActor 2000 v1.0.10 (3.98MB), full install. Contains all required components, including VB runtimes and samples. Does NOT contain MS Agent core components. Check below. Unzip in a temporary folder, then run setup.exe.
  • Latest powerActor 2000 exe file v1.0.12 (860KB). Download and save into powerActor 2000 installation directory.
    Corrects drag'n drop bug, fixes slide show preview bug, and importation wizard bug.
MS Agent components required
Additional scripts
Download and save in the 'Scripts' subfolder of powerActor's installation folder.
Script Requirements & Features
Tour.saf Guided tour for powerActor 2000. Works best with Genie Actor.
WaitInterrupt.saf How to synchronize two Actors.
ProgressiveSize.saf Demonstrates how to dynamically change the size of a given Actor. Uses bookmarks.
SoundEffects.saf Demonstrates how to dynamically toggle sound effects on and off. Uses bookmarks.
HaltResume.saf Demonstrates how to stop and resume a slide show. Uses Commands and present.ppt.
Balloon Style.saf Demonstrates how to dynamically change the balloon style of a given Actor. Uses bookmarks.
Additional Actors
Microsoft Agent Genie download buttonMicrosoft Agent Merlin download buttonMicrosoft Agent Peedy download buttonMicrosoft Agent Robby download button