"The place where Agents meet PowerPoint 2000 ®"
Take time to learn what unique features powerActor 2000 offers !

User Interface
  • Fully resizable window.
  • Comprehensive 3 places commands. Allows users to perform actions from 3 different ways : Menus, right click and context sensitive.
  • Sober flat looked buttons.
  • Full support for default parameters of MS Agent commands, in smart dialog boxes.
  • Full switchable Actor roles.
  • Point'n click style commands.
  • Tree view hosted scenario.
powerActor 2000® Wizards
Wizard Purpose
New Presentation Inports an existing presentation into powerActor 2000. Creates default scenario.
Create Slide Show Exports existing scenario into standalone .pps slide show file.
TunePoint Tunes up the way actors point at shapes in presentations.
Presentation checker Reports Errors and Warnings in your scenario.
Powerpoint 2000® supported Actions
Action Parameters
PPFireNextAnimation -
PPGoNearShape Integrated Dialog
PPGotoSlide Integrated Dialog
PPPointShape Integrated Dialog
PPSlideFolder Integrated Dialog
MS Agent supported Actions
Action Parameters
Activate - Z Order
Advanced character options -
Balloon Style Integrated dialog
Bookmarks In Speak dialog
Command - Caption
- Voice
- Enabled
- Visible
Commands - Caption
- Voice
- Voice Caption
- Visible
GestureAt - X
- Y
Hides - Quick
IdleStatus - Enabled
Interrupt -
MoveTo - X
- Y
- Speed
Play - Animations list
Shows - Quick
Size - Percent
SoundEffects - Enabled
Speak Integrated dialog
Stop -
StopAll -
Thinks Text
Wait -
Actor's general settings
Setting Parameter
LanguageID Country
Advanced character Options Default MSAgent Dialog
So, what makes the difference ?
powerActor 2000 focuses creating very simply complex PowerPoint 2000 presentations. This is a specialized tool for slide shows, not a code generator, nor a Desktop Assistant.

... and there's more !!
Make your mind up and take a taste of what interactive presentation is !

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