"The place where Agents meet PowerPoint 2000 ®"
Building powerActor 2000 would not have been possible without the help of some friends, specially in the graphics domain !

Greg Rotz
Greg is the father of Gar and Hanz. Since I'm not a designer, he designed most of user interface icons. He also supported me in the early developments of what was not yet powerActor, and spent many hours testing my Agents software.

Claude is a Microsoft Agent character produced by La Cantoche Production 1999 La Cantoche Production. All rights reserved

la Cantoche production
I was allowed to include Claude in the powerActor 2000 logo, and I was sent the lovely picture you can see. I have spent a great deal of time speaking with Benoit, and they really are true Actor designers professionals !

Ma'am Kate
She is my Australian correspondant. I chat for hours with her, and she has helped me to write almost correct english. She also corrected the whole site for me ! You're great Ma'am Kate !

Christophe Duvilers
One of my best friends, and a Mac afficionado. I could not have dreamed of better advice for User Interface !

Claire 'Pinky' Healy
A coworker of mine. How comes I love and hate her at the same time ??? :-))