"The place where Agents meet PowerPoint 2000 ®"
powerActor 2000 is not perfect. It lacks documentation. I hope those FAQs will help you !

General Questions
  • "Does powerActor 2000 support PowerPoint 97 ?". No. Using PowerPoint '97 will cause a crash when trying to switch to normal presentation view.
  • "What is the difference between a scenario and a presentation ?". Scenarios are made to get trained with powerActor 2000 commands. Presentations are scenarios for slide shows.
  • "Do I need to load core MS Agent components ?". No, they should come with PowerPoint 2000.
  • "Does powerActor 2000 support Digalo TTS engine ?". Yes, and all TTS engines fully compatible with MS Agent.
User Interface
  • "Suppose I've hired 2 actors and completed a complex scenario. But now, I've changed my mind and would like to revoke an actor to hire another one. How do I do ?".From the actor palette, select from the list the actor you want to revoke. Then, from the actors menu, click <Selected> and <Unload>. Now you're ready to hire another actor.
  • "I would like to test my scenario with various actors.". Hire as many actors as you wish, then select the desired actor in the palette and click black arrows in the bottom left.
  • "I would like to take a taste of powerActor 2000, but I do not have PowerPoint 2000©. What can I do ?". In spite powerActor 2000 was designed for PowerPoint 2000©, you can still build scenarios to be run from within powerActor 2000, but you won't be able to build presentation, nor to create slide shows
Slide show issues
  • "I've designed my scenario, and created an undependant slide show (.pps) file. The problem is that I can't play the scenario from this .pps file. What's wrong ?". Only registered users will be able to run scenarios into slide show files. All other features are fully functionnal in the downloadable files.
  • "My powerActor 2000 enabled slide show (.pps) doesn't start from MS PowerPoint 2000© viewer. What's wrong ?" .MS PowerPoint 2000 viewer can't run VBA script. You'll need MS PowerPoint 2000 to run powerActor 2000 slide shows.